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Formula 201


Designed for a complete skin regeneration both of Epidermis and Dermis,

our Formula 201 treatments consist of different lines, each taking care of specific face problems:
from chrono-ageing to photo-ageing, from wrinkles to dark spots, from oily skin to juvenile acne.

Formula 201 treatments act on all cutaneous levels (a multi-level action):

  • direct exfoliating action (removal of dead cells from the epidermis)
  • bio-stimulating action for a complete skin renewal (on the basal epidermis layer)
  • in-depth revitalizing action (in the dermis layer)

Formula 201 treatments

Rejuvenating treatment

It represents the headmost Formula 201 anti-ageing treatment. It is a very extraordinary and unique skin renewal treatment, granting in about 8 weeks a reduction of all chrono-ageing signs, such as wrinkles, expression lines, loss of elasticity, dark spots and uneven complexion.


Is the Formula 201 treatment specifically designed to brighten the skin and fight  photo-ageing. It has the extraordinary and unique capacity of reducing in a few weeks the main facial photo-ageing signs both colour type (dark spots, excessive pigmentation, uneven complexion) and structural type (sagging skin, wrinkles, dryness)

normalising treatment

Is the Formula 201 treatment specifically designed to correct oily skin and  its main blemishes. It has the extraordinary and unique capacity of completely renewing the epidermis and reducing in a few weeks the main blemishes of the oily skin (shiny aspect, dilated pores and also possible scars resulting from a juvenile acne)

green age

Is the Formula 201 range of products  adjuvant in anti-acne treatment. With its extraordinary  combination of anti-bacterial, anti-seborrhoeic, skin purifying ingredients, and with the stimulating and regenerating power of botanical stem cells, it represents a simple, effective and well tolerated anti-acne treatment, ideal to counteract all possible signs of acne.


A group of Formula 201 products specifically designed to treat specific areas/needs. Simple and effective formulations studied to reduce localized imperfections (eye contour, lip contour, forehead) or to remove make-up and gently cleanse the skin.

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